Garden Coaching Services


Please note that I am not currently accepting new design or installation clients. If you have a quick question, please give me a call but understand that I am generally not available for consultations.

Need some gardening advice, another pair of eyes? We can help! We’ll show you how to create your dream garden - a space that you can manage, live in, and love!

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  • Are you a new home owner and need help identifying plants on your property?
  • Do you want to rejuvenate an overgrown foundation planting?
  • Are you tired of removing weeds and invasive plants?
  • Is your front yard mostly high maintenance, high cost lawn? Do you want a more naturalistic and eco-friendly space?compost
  • Want to make your yard more eco-friendly
    by creating a rain garden, composting garden waste, attracting birds, beneficial insects and butterflies, or growing your own food?
  • Can’t figure out why your plants aren’t thriving? Need help assessing your site and choosing plants that will grow well in your area?
  • Are you reluctant to prune for fear of harming your shrubs and trees? Want to learn the best techniques?

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  • Want help designing a new garden or giving your existing garden four-season appeal?
  • Would you like a garden with native and non-invasive exotic plants that is low maintenance, beautiful, and appealing all year?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we can help you! Call Valentine-Gardening today at 703-300-1499 or send us an email.



Who Are Garden Coaches?

Garden coaches are garden professionals who come to your home and help you garden; we are one-on-one garden mentors, problem solvers, dirt lovers, plant enthusiasts, garden designers, master gardeners. We offer services for new gardeners, well seasoned gardeners, families, and kids.

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For more information and photos about garden coaching in your area, see the Valentine-Gardening Profile page in the Garden Coaching Directory.

To make an appointment for garden coaching just send us an email or call 703-300-1499!


Garden Coaching:  $50/hour for coaching sessions