Fall Gardening Tips

  • Look at your garden with a critical eye - notice overcrowded, unhappy plants or gaps in the beds, check self-seeders and rompers to decide whether they need some restraint or their own area to go wild, see the colors, textures, and focal points. Take notes of what you see so you can start planning for next year!
  • Create a new flower bed the easy way - let the micro-organisms prepare the bed for spring planting.
  • Recycle those autumn leaves - run them over a few times with the lawn mower to break up the tannins, then use them as mulch in your beds or start a compost pile.
  • Add four season, fall blooming, winter interest native plants.
  • Create a rain garden, make or buy a rain barrel, assess drainage problems, and evaluate water usage in your yard.
  • Plant, transplant, and divide plants in early fall - with cooling temperatures it's fun to work outside!
  • Test your soil and improve it with organic matter. bluebird
  • Get ready for that vegetable garden you want next summer by preparing the soil now. For me, walking outside to see what is ripe and ready to turn into dinner is easier and more fun than driving to the grocery store.
  • Add interest to the ground layer - buy and plant fall and spring blooming bulbs.
  • Out-compete those weeds by planting exciting, low maintenance native ground covers.
  • Check out the nurseries for sales-root bound plants can be greatly reduced and a cost effective way to add to your garden!

Photos © Steven Norris.

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