Sustainability: In your eyes it’s a beautiful and enjoyable space that’s functional, affordable, easy to maintain, and you can comfortably live in it without making a mess of the environment. 

This page contains links and resources that are helpful to gardeners interested in:

  • sustainable gardening,
  • native plants, and
  • eco-friendly gardening practices.

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Native Plants and Invasive Species of Mid-Atlantic Region/Virginia

Plant Invaders of the Mid-Atlantic Region - List of plants that are invasive in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


Virginia Invasive Plants - List of invasive plant species in Virginia.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation - List of Virginia native plants for conservation, restoration, and landscaping.

Virginia Native Plant Society - The Society's programs emphasize public education, protection of endangered species, habitat preservation, and encouragement of appropriate landscape use of native plants.

Maryland Native Plant Society - The Society's mission is to promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation of Maryland's native plants and their habitats, through education, research, advocacy, and service activities.

Native Azaleas (Donald Hyatt) - He is a local, in McLean, Virginia, and knows more about Native Azaleas than anyone around. I attended one of his talks and he gave everyone seeds of an endangered native azalea.


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Native Plant Nurseries in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Maryland Native Plant Society - A list of nurseries that specialize in Native Plants and an article on how to shop for natives.

PLANT NATIVE - A list of nurseries that specialize in native plants, covering Pennsylvania to Virginia.

US Fish and Wildlife Service


Resources for Gardeners in Virginia

Virginia Cooperative Extension - Provides a wide range of resources for gardeners in Virginia

Fall Gardening Tips - From Valentine-Gardening

Spring Gardening Tips - Sustainable gardening tips for spring

The Sustainable Sites Initiative: Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009 

Garden-Worthy Plants - Learn which plants do best here in Virginia, including many natives. Written and updated regularly by Louise Volintine.

Selecting Plants for Pollinators - Guide to choosing the best plants for pollinators in Virginia and surrounding states. Pollinators are part of the intricate web that supports the biological diversity in natural ecosystems that helps sustain our quality of life.

Plant More Plants - By utilizing the simple landscaping techniques described throughout this site, you can take the first steps towards creating your very own natural sanctuary.

Public Gardens that offer resources and educational opportunities for gardenersbird photo

Public Gardens in the Washington, DC, Metro Region with educational opportunities and information for gardeners.

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton. Montgomery County's award-winning 50-acre garden features formal and informal gardens and two indoor conservatories.

Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA is a year-round gold mine of information and inspiration for the home gardener.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA. The 95-acre gardens features walking trails, lakes, cherry trees, irises, peonies, an extensive shade garden, native wildflowers, gazebos, birds, and butterflies.

River Farm in Alexandria, VA. This is the headquarters of the American Horticultural Society.

National Arboretum in Washington, DC.


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